Hell Freezes Over, News At 10!

Ok so I made a mistake and watched the evening news. I stopped watching the news years ago because, being a cop you see the news in front of you all day long and by the time I got home I’d rather watch cartoons or anything that wasn’t drama!

But, I watched today….a police officer running backwards from a perp with a knife….the guy apparently is wanting a suicide by cop scenario to play out….somehow the guy ends up in the street where the back up officer just exited his patrol car, the perp is running at him with the knife, several shots were fired but the perp is still standing, he gets one of the officers down and is taking his firearm away from him and then finally the other officer fires his weapon just a few yards away….and the newscaster says that the officer killed the perp, probably hoping that everyone watching wants to crucify the police officers for shooting some poor guy who is only trying to kill them, ugh.

I’m so glad I retired from that stuff.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough the next news item was about a 16 year old boy who raped a girl then posted pics of the rape on social media bragging about it BUT the judge hearing the case said he didn’t see any reason for charging him with rape (as an adult) since the boys parents were pretty good people AND he apparently has his own definition of rape, saying that it’s “usually carried out by two or more people, not just one little ol’ 16 year old boy with good parents!” For crying out loud!

Crimes are defined thoroughly in a really big book. These definitions are broken down into “elements” of the crime. Judges are supposed to hold people accountable to those laws of the land, as defined in the really big book, not make up or add to the definitions.

Now I have a whole new reason not to watch the news. This place is going to hell in a hand basket for sure!

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