This Planet Is CRAZY

Earth. Or if you’re a crackhead with dental problems, Erf…

This 3rd rock from the Sun is over 4.5 billion years old.

Scientists say that over 99% of all species that ever lived on Earth are extinct . WHY?!

Oh yeah….humans.

There are 7.6 BILLION people living on Earth. That number is rapidly climbing.

Did you know It took over 200,000 years of human history for the world’s population to reach 1 billion people?

Well that’s nothing because it only took 200 more years to reach 7 billion people!

That screen shot shows that at the moment I took it, there was a total of 7, 714, 989, 954 humans and climbing rapidly every second in real time! Where are we gonna put em? And we can’t blame this on China ok because all kids nowadays know everything about sex by the end of their first year in daycare! Probably.

Man when I was a kid Mr and Mrs Brady (Brady Bunch) had to lay in bed with pajamas from head to toe on the tv and they were NOT allowed to get frisky!

Now they be gettin freaky on tv commercials playing during episodes of Spongebob.

My grandkids, for some reason or another, like me A LOT! And they’re constantly attached to me, literally. 7 of them. Climbing all over me. So when I watch tv I have to be holding the remote because even though they may know more than me about sex I feel like I may need to hit the mute button or turn the channel at any moment.

And it seems to me that the more people there are, the more confused we are about ourselves. Is that a boy or a girl? They’re wondering “am I a boy or a girl” too!

And this country of ours…don’t get me started. Ugh! Our young people literally hate any type of authority and what’s scary is it’s only gonna get worse and the next generation will be defending this great nation one day! Or not….

I’m a Christian. I’m a Republican. Yep I got guns. I’m that kind of American….but when I look at the left, and the far left! Wow! It’s hanging by a thread! And all we got….is Trump! Yikes! I support the man but I’m afraid to hear his speeches because if he’s winging it there’s no telling what he might say! Luckily the man knows to surround himself by intelligent people AND listens to them though but these Democrats are getting scary to folks like me.

All these people. I hope all my grandkids become Therapists or Psychiatrists because this world will need them.

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