OKane kills family 1916 – Newspapers.com

This story was first brought to my attention a few weeks ago after someone posted a photo on Facebook which showed a group of tombstones in a Lawton cemetery. The one who posted the photo had stumbled across an entire family of eight people buried there who all apparently died on the same day back in 1916.

Well this roused my curiosity as well and after further investigation it seems that the terrible things that we have grown accustomed to hearing today in the news, actually happened way back in the day too. Unfortunately we’re not too surprised to hear that a father killed his entire family before committing suicide in our day to day life but it’s a surprise to learn that the same thing happened….in 1916 at a farmhouse outside of Lawton Oklahoma.

Man has always been capable of murder ever since Cain killed his brother Able. The motive, jealousy.

In this case it appears that the murderer, a man by the name of O’Kane, killed his family because well, I guess he was “goaded into insanity,” by his elderly father. The O’Kanes were a family which consisted of 48 year old Daniel O’Kane, his wife, their five children ranging in ages from 13 to an infant and Daniels 75 year old father, James O’Kane.

A neighbor stated that the O’Kane family was visiting at his house on the Sunday evening prior to their deaths for a couple hours and that Daniel “seemed in good spirits.” The following morning the O’Kanes were found dead in their home by their farm hand. What a grizzly sight that must have been.

It was reported that hundreds of people viewed the corpses as they were transferred to the funeral parlor in the back of a truck. Ugh.

After years of being a criminal investigator I learned what terrible things a human was capable of doing and we just never know what’s going on in a persons mind.

My plan is to stick close to the Lord and my investigating skills are mostly used to gather information like this and sharing it with my friends.

Clipping found in The Times in Shreveport, Louisiana on Mar 7, 1916. OKane kills family 1916
— Read on www.newspapers.com/clip/23532600/okane_kills_family_1916/

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